Cover Your Pool & All Your Bases

Keep your investment and your family safe in Bossier City, LA

When summer ends and the daily temperatures drop too low to allow for a relaxing swim, make sure you properly prepare your pool for the upcoming seasons. Autumn means leaves and other debris can fall in the water and clog up your filtration system, and winter brings more of the same. Save yourself the headache of constantly fishing out debris and call Build a Barrier Pool Safety in Bossier City, LA instead.

Why winterize your pool with a winter cover?

Protecting your pool with a seasonal cover is always a smart choice. Contact Build a Barrier Pool Safety to reap the benefits:

• Add an extra element of safety by child- and pet-proofing your pool with a properly fitted cover
• Save time when summer hits—jump right in instead of fishing debris out of the water
• Stop algae growth in its tracks with the right blend of chemicals and a cover that blocks sunlight

What do you say? Ready to invest in a pool cover that protects your pool and your family? Contact Build a Barrier Pool Safety in Bossier City, LA right away to discuss your options.